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Being on bedrest before the baby came showed me just how much stuff I did that I didn't really need to do. So, I guess it was really a blessing, huh? :-)

I know that once we get back into a regular schedule, it'll get hectic again...but for a brief moment, I'm enjoying the other side of things like lazy days in pjs and reading entire chapter books at a time aloud to the children.

Hopefully the memory of these moments will help me balance better in the days to come!


LOVE that photo...and goes great with the post!


Great post,Mary. Love the picture.
One day you will look back and look at your beautiful girls and say "I did it". It is all worth it.


I agree, LOVE the picture. Did you gather and stack the rocks, yourself?

I'm glad to read you felt at peace with saying NO to something. I believe saying NO is something most of us struggle with. You're in good company, there.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Alicia & Kathleen,
I found this photo on morgueFile free photos for creatives. You can found the site @ www.morguefile.com. I entered the word BALANCE, and this photo popped up.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Bozena, Thanks for your words of wisdom. With four girls, I know you have been in my shoes.

Sharon O

I am proud of you for making choices that will bless you for a lifetime. Your 'job' right now is the most important one and as your photo books increase with prized pictures and your memory books fill up with things they do or say, you will continue to be at peace with your decision. take care

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Thank you, Sharon.

Julie @ The Corner with a View

I am hardly keeping up with my schedule, let alone my NYR... oh well. I'm keeping up in other areas in my life. Thanks for these posts Mary, I really love them!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Enjoy those PJ days and your beautiful new baby.

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