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Sharon O

Wow I was a bit surprised at the 'rap' song. Woke me up :0)
I remember singing that song over and over with our grand children and even our children. This is a new version and definately 'out of my comfort zone'. take care

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

That was the intention, sometimes we need to step out of the box especially when it comes to our faith. Thank you for reading and commenting. You are a great friend to me. God bless you!


that was a great way to put out a message.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Thanks Kyooty!


I liked the video. I thought it was pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Thanks Tricia,
I really loved the message of the video that just the music but the images and the story it tells.

One thing Rick was really impressed with on the March for Life this year was the amount of young people in attendence.


This is reflective of our church on many Saturday nights. It reaches the next generation for sure and that's a good thing.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

I totally agree. We are very blessed to have a dynamic youth minister at our church. His enthusiam is contagious. A real gift for the youth and YACHT club (Young Adults Choosing Heaven Together), and a product of home schooling.

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