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Um Yeah, that is my fourty dollars. I thought I dropped it there. ha ha
Party at your house!!!!
Good for you. Good things do happen to good people.
I hope you guys have a great weekend.
Tricia and the boys


you need to train your cell phone how to float


Goodness! You've had a week. When I worked at the public library, it was almost a daily occurrence that right after we'd done the computer work to delete a book someone had lost and paid for, they would call and say they'd found the book. We started holding those "lost and paid" books for a few days before we did the computer input.

Let that cell phone dry out for a few days, this happened to my daughter and hers came back to life.

Have a great week end!


The cellphone? A friend's hubbie jumped into a pool with cellphone in pocket. They put it in a bag of rice for 2days! and it works again. :)

a simple twist of faith

You worked in a library, what a dream job! I love books.

a simple twist of faith

Thanks for the advice on the cell phone!


Oh, man, Mary! When it rains it pours - use that $40 for something nice for yourself!

a simple twist of faith

Like groceries? At least, I bought coffee for myself. That is a must, and I am not the Folger-kind of gal. Thanks Carmen.


That is awesome that you found the $40! Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged when problems come your way. We all need a pick-me-up sometimes!

a simple twist of faith

Somehow your comments got stuck in my spam filter, sorry about that!
I just found them today.

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