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What a fabulous way to spend a day, love it! I can't wait for my beach season.

Victoria Day, is a 3 day holiday in May that marks the celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday. I also learned through Wikipedia (hm?) that maybe it's a group of Queen/Kings of previous day's Birthdays, and Victoria being the popular Monarch is the name they put on it now? :)

i'm still learning, my country is young.

a simple twist of faith

kinda like our President's day I guess, have a great day off tomorrow.


So fun!!!! Those are the kinds of fun days that create the memories I loved as a kid. Ahhh, the smells of being outside in the water. Such a great blessing. :)


kind of, but really we're susposed to be our own independent country... kind of.

Debby Pucci

Thank you for stopping over at my blog. Your life sounds very exciting with your two little girls. I am very happy for you. The lake looks like it was a fun time.

a simple twist of faith

Thanks Debby, I appreciate you stopping by, I am still very new at this blogging adventure.


Happy Days. The children look so cute playing by the lake. Swim lessons should be fun and nothing like offering them while the interest is high. We're going to have our 8 yr old grandson visit for a few weeks in July. We're really looking forward to that and investigating lots of fun activities to keep him entertained and having fun.

Headless Mom

Thanks for the visit!

Looks like the kids had a great time-and it's nice and warm. Unlike here...freezing!

a simple twist of faith

Thanks for visiting my site!

Peace be with you,   Mary Bergen-Bish Join me @ A Simple Twist of Faith http://mbsquared.wordpress.com    


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