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tricia sladky

These baby girls could NOT be sweeter.
Thanks for sharing the photos.


Hahaha!! I remember when Scott was a little tyke. We'd take him strawberry picking. Once when we went up to pay, the man weighing said "Hey there little fella, let me sit you on the scale." Scott's face was a strawberry mess !! Ah the good ol' days. Don't let um pass you by.

a simple twist of faith

Thanks for your kind comments. This is why I am at home now. We went strawberry picking with Papa on Friday, boy, oh boy, it was fun!


lovely!!!! send Strawberry weather and girls to me in Canada (hi I'm visiting from MTTSM)

a simple twist of faith

Thanks for visiting, hope you come again soon! We are still eating strawberries!


I always tell the people running the scales that they ought to weigh children before and after. Last year, it was the farmer's wife on the register that day, and she said that if she weighed my kids, she'd have to weigh and charge her husband, too!

We have to get out picking, if the rain ever stops.


These may be the most adorable little girls on the planet! :-)

a simple twist of faith

Thanks Bridget,
I think so too, but then again I am a little partial to my ladybug and bumble bee.

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