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I have NO input on that, as I've been home forever and ever, but I wanted to tell you that I am so happy you started this blog and I hope you feel better SOON! Call me if you need back up!

a simple twist of faith

Thanks Carmen! I am feeling a lot better today, thanks to the antibiotics and my father-in-law giving me abreak yesterday. My house looks like a bomb exploded, but my Mom always said only dull women have immaculate houses!


You mean you haven't reached the eating-bonbons-all-day stage yet? ;)

What surprised me was how busy I could be all day and still get to the end of the day without being able to say, "I accomplished x, y, and z today." Instead it's, "Well, I started the laundry, did some math with the kids but I don't think they got it so we'll have to re-do it tomorrow, pulled a few of the thousands of weeds..." There's usually progress, but not always completions.

Hope your throat's feeling better!

tricia sladky

Great post!
Steven and I had been DINKs for 13 years before kids. I worked full time for 15 years in Oncology. Loved every minute of it! Took loads of vacations, read tons of books, ran lots of marathons, we just had a kickin good time together.....THEN these two boys happened.
Huge huge huge adjustment. In fact I am still adjusting to life as a stay at home mom six years later. It has been the hardest job I will ever do.
I think it will pay off someday.
Congratulations on your promotion as stay at home mom.


I just became a stay at home mom to two (a 2 yr old and 8 month old)about a month ago. I agree that you stay busy and have little to show for it somedays. It has been easier than I expected, because they are so much more relaxed now that they are home with me all day. They seem to like the slower pace, rather than getting up and racing out the door. It has been wonderful and definitely the best decision we have ever made! What a blessing! Congrats to you on your new role.

a simple twist of faith

Thanks for sharing. I totally agree my girls are much more relaxed, especially my youngest. The two of us used to be out the door by 6:45 am every weekday morning. I am struggling with my new routine, however I am more relaxed so the whole dynamic in our house has changed.

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