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I like all 7. Let's start with the last--how nice that your FIL thought of you with that. And the connection to your MIL, too. nice. It must feel great to be on your way with the home schooling. You're going to be a great teacher and your girls will love it. Is the classmate (I think of him as "snips snails" lol), benefitting from home school time, too? My final comment is that you're so right about cause effect with kids and sleep. I see the same effect here, especially on the days when I watch E J. Hope you have a great week. If you're like me, the washer dryer will start going non-stop as your vacation approaches.

a simple twist of faith

Yes, "snips snails" is benefitting, although he is more interested in playing outside, a typical boy. He also naps longer than my daughter, and during this quiet time, "Lady Bug" is completing most of her work. She gets up, and says, "Mommy, I want to do home school".

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