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we gave up cable TV(also no satelite) and have no reception at all. We do not have a cellphone because we don't need it.


We went the other way with the phones. We let our cell phone contract run out and changed to a pay as you go plan. I use my cell very little, but need it in case of emergencies. This way is great. No contract. No monthly bill. Limited loss if I lose the phone. It's there when we need it.


we (like Kyooty) have no reception or cell phone
I do own a Trac Phone for when the boys are in school.
I love that I still don't have a cell phone. I feel so FREEEEEEEEE. ha ha
Now that we have been reception free for over a year...we love it.


Put a brick in u r toilet tank so that u save on toilet water,buy beer out of cans-my self I can not bring my self to drink from a can -to many things walk on top of the cans so i poor into a glass- but u save the aluminum to recycle and start the process all over again.Pretty soon u have enuogh to buy more beer.Shoe sales-in your case guys u have two girls this would work but if u have one child buying shoes on sale that says but one get the other one half price --well u can only wear one pair at a time and the other shoe would b out of fashion or to small.

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