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a pull up book? that sounds awesome!!! I wonder if I should give Narnia to my 8yrold he might like it. My 11yrold liked it when he was 9. I never read it until I was (mumble)... 4yrs ago. :)

a simple twist of faith

This is an absolutely beautiful book, each page summarized one of the books in the Chronicles of Narnia. It was given to her as a Christmas present by very good friends of ours. We keep it up high so it does not get damaged, a very special book indeed.


I have my 2 yr old granddaughter right here and here are her answers:

Favorite Book: Fox in Sox
Want to Be: An airplane driver
Favorite Food: Yogurt
Favorite Game: Russian Dolls (stacking dolls)
Favorite Outfit: This one (plain shirt and jean capris!)

This was a fun exercise. It will be interesting to ask a month or two down the road.

I also read Narnia as an adult. And I love the BBC movie (of the first 3 books).


how cool! My dad bought me Stacking dolls when I was I think 6 or 7? I haven't seen any since. My boys like playing with mine. (shhhhh!)

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