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I'd be interested to hear what that Catholic speaker had to say. I find there is a difference between what Canadian Catholics "do" and what US Catholics "do". I've lived in both places, it was amazing to me the differences. I'd love to find some homeschooling for Catechism vs regular school. So far I like what my boys are learning in school here and find it a good fit for us. (OK truthfully? they get to leave the house, and I get to clean :P)


Don't worry so much Mary. You are a wonderful mother, wife and friend and I know with everything you do in life you will be a wonderful and commited teacher to your girls. Look at you now you already are. Our family was blessed beyond measure when you married Rick.


What a good idea to go to a conference to get to know some fellow home schoolers and get some good perspectives. I think my daughter and her DH also encountered some of that "stony silence" when they first told people that they planned to home school, but they found that there was a wonderful home school network in her community. Did you get any closer to choosing a curriculum?

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Well, there were actually three Catholic home schooling mothers I heard speak at the conference. One discussed in humor and acceptance the importance of a personal prayer time ( including journaling), healthy eating habits, and exercise as ways of overcoming stress. Another spoke of the important of religion as the first subject of the day, scheduling "busy work" for your children so you can teach more than one children at a time, and the scheduling of subjects during the day. The third one had a long list of "TO DOs" that most mothers could never achieve even if they did not home school to include daily family rosary, and daily mass (try that with two pre-schoolers), and buying a bunch of books and sacramental objects (that her company sold), so much so that she did not even have time to address the topic.


I also would like to know if you have decided on a curriculum after attending the conference. I was waiting to sign up because I wanted to hear your insights on it after the conference. I understand the stoney silence thing. You know me, so you could just imagine what some people are saying about me making that decision. I never saw myself doing it, but then I realized that I needed to do what is best for my kids. I know there are great schools out there, but in our case, even with a good school, my kids are not able to achieve their potential. I am also so concerned about the bad social influences in the schools now. Our job as parents is not only to teach them how to be successful and moral adults, but to lead them to Jesus so they will have eternal salvation. The way society is going now, I worry so much about my children being sucked into all the lies and losing faith in the Lord. I am so glad you are doing this too Mary.

a simple twist of faith

Thank you Bettina, I am glad to call you my friend as well as SIL.

a simple twist of faith

For the most part, I have chosen Seton curriculum. Since my oldest will be in Kindergarten, I am focusing phonics, reading, and Math. I will so be teaching Catechism, which is religion or faith formation. My daughter is already reading short words however, when met with her teacher, I was surprised to hear that they had not covered all of the short vowels yet. A friend introduced me to Progressive Phonics, and we are already started going through the vowels. This phonics program is on-line, and is free, although you do have to print the books on your own printer.

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