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How cool! Congrats on the award. I can't whistle either. It is neat to learn new things about my best friend of 30 years!


What fun! I may have to do this...if Vacation Bible School doesn't kill me first. :-)


OH thank you!! :) what a lovely award, and Congratulations on your Award. :) You definitely are a Beautiful blogger!


Teal isn't in style???? Oh no! That's my favorite color. Let's start a Face Book movement to reinstate teal to the top of the in style list!! And I love the image of you wearing a gas mask and driving a 2 1/2 ton Army truck. In uniform, no doubt! I enjoyed learning these things about you. Thanks for sharing.

a simple twist of faith

Thanks Steph, you have always been my best cheerleader!

a simple twist of faith

Vacation Bible School? That sounds like fun, but a lot of work!


I am ashamed to have to admit how little I've been reading everyone else's blogs the past few weeks, by (very belatedly) thanking you for including me on the list!

And now I have even more good blogs to go check out... :)

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