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I love ice cold lemonaide! I love fresh salads in the hot summer. Since you have all the tomatoes, try slicing them with some cucumbers and drizzle with some balsalmic vinegar dressing and maybe a little dill sprinkled on top. It is simple and good. With the potty training, my only advice is not to get angry with mistakes. All kids are different and it takes some longer to get the signal that they have to go. It is also a developmental thing. The ability to "hold it" is a physical thing, not a mental thing. Hang in there, she sounds like she is on her way. Out of my three kids, only one was accident free. She is your namsake. :0) For the naptime, I would offer a reward for whoever falls asleep the fastest and stays quiet and still. If you have a child that just cannot fall asleep, they just insist that it is quiet time and maybe let he/she look at a book quietly without talking. You could also try singing a soothing song or playing some relaxing music without words. The main thing is to insist on "quiet time". This is important for your sainity. Good luck!! And have fun! It sounds like you have a lot of great ideas. I love reading your blog!!!


Seems like you have all together.
There is a great recipe that I recently found and it was GREAT!
Fruit salad on a warm pita bread:
white tuna can/in water/
mandarin oranges
apple chunks
celery rib chunks
dressing-Mayo +1tsp of honey
Mix everything together and serve on warm pita bread.
There is a drink recipe

1 lemon cut into wedges
1 orange cut into wedges
1 lime cut into wedges
2Tbsp sugar
splash or orange juice or lemonade
2 shut of gin or triple sec
1 cup of rasberries or strawberries/can be frozen/
1 small can of diced pineapple/with juice/
4 cups ginger ale
Pour wine into large pitcher and squeeze the juice wedges from lemon,orange and lime into wine.
Toss in the fruit wedges/ seeds out/ and pineapple then sugar,orange juice and gin.
Chill overnight. Add ginger ale,berries and ice just before serving.
If you would like to serve this right wawy,used chilled red wine and serve over a lots of ice. Sangria is THE BEST chilled over night,so flavors can mix together.
We did one year Botanical garden during the Summer and kids loved it!


...oh, and regarding your potty trainning. That is completely normal. Be patient.
She is doing well.


I'm not sure about 4 kids between 2 and 5 (them being different ages), but when I worked in a daycare center, the only way I would get a lunch break was if I got all of my kiddos to sleep. I was in the 18-month-old room with 8 of them! I thought "I am never going to get a break!" Well I got them them all asleep everyday except one and that little boy got to spend time in the baby room that day. I really only had 2 that couldn't go to sleep on their own. I would get the room as dark as I could, I think I had some soft music playing and I would put the 2 in cribs next to each other and pat their little bums in a rocking motions until they fell asleep. The gma of one of the boys couldn't believe it and asked how I did it. I told her and it worked for her too.

Sounds like you are making progress all the way around. Have patience, it will all come together soon! Have a great weekend!


Our favorite dish for fresh homegrown tomatoes is a caprese salad. Layer mozzarella, tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves. Drizzle with olive oil and some balsamic vinegar. Yum!


Four! I'd missed that post while I was away. For me (mine last two were 5 years apart) I just said it was nap time. They could sleep or read or play, but they had to be quiet and they had to stay on the bed. All of mine took afternoon naps all the way until kindergarten. Also, song blessings before meals are nice for kids. (remember the Johnny Appleseed prayer?).
I love tomatoes. Caprese salad is yum. Also just sliced with a dash of vinaigrette and maybe some fresh basil confetti. Or halved and baked with a sprinkle of breadcrumbs salt and pepper. Or stuffed with a nice chicken or tuna salad. Can you tell my Dad raised tomatoes? We had an abundant plenty.
My favorite summer meal--fresh corn on the cob, grilled flank steak (with London broil style marinade), grilled red peppers with basalmic reduction, and grilled zucchini. (my b-day is in the summer and this is what I always asked for, well, plus the cherry pie)!


Hello Mary!

My favorite summer meal is Southwest Salad [spinach, black beans, corn, red onions, those tomatoes waiting to be picked out of your dixie cup garden, fried breaded chicken breast -OR- fried onions, and none other than Newman's Own Southwest dressing]. It's quick, simple, balanced and relatively low calorie.



I have written a blog post for you re planning:)
also as you are planning K you may like to see my K plans on my learning blog

a simple twist of faith

Thanks for all the great recipes! @ Erin, Thanks for all the great home schooling information too!


Giggle, 5yrolds don't nap in my circles. heheeh :p

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