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Wow! Those bangs turned out wonderful! They are almost striaght. YAY! for your Tropicana Gift card. Spoiled, girl you are spoiled. :P In a good way, not in the way that fruit sits on a shelf and rots. :P

2 Accidents? not so bad, it could have been so much worse. LOL

a simple twist of faith

I guess you cannot see the two inch section that is cut to the root!
I laughed so hard I thought I would have an accident!


Love the bangs and the cat that ate the canary expression with them.


Those are the things that you should just laugh at and fun to remember.Enjoy!


Like I don't know how to deal with potty training accidents!

And if this is your first "unauthorized" haircut, you're doing better than me. I lost count.


Love the haircut picture. My little Johnny did it the morning of Kindergarten school pictures--I think he was jealous of the time I spent fussing with his sister's hair that morning. I love that school picture of him. Good for Bumblebee on the potty training. It takes a while. You'll get better at remembering everything just about the time she doesn't need the spares anymore.


You lost both parents in the same week? How tough! Sounds like you are tougher, though. Love the dirty girl picture. That reminds me of my childhood!

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