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1. That Jesus died so we may live even though most of us, in my opinion, are not worthy of such great love.
2. A wonderful son and two beautiful nieces.
3. A husband that keeps me on my toes and is always acting younger that our 10 year old LOL.
4. Work. When so many need it.
5. A wonderful sister in law that shows me what being a true christian is and also how to be a strong woman, wife and mother.
6. Great parents.
7. Sunny days
8. Coffee
9. All military personell
10. Chocolate

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Thanks for your kind words.


1 Faith
2.husband, my best friend
3.my 4 wonderful daughters
4.parents, in laws and siblings
5, friends
6. opotunity to travel and learn foreigner languages
7. living in a free country with a lot of oportunities
8. my husband's good job which alloweds me to stay home and raise my kids
9. every morning cappucino
10. Skype. I can see and talk to my family on the other side of the ocean


1. all three of my active boys
2. Bozena and coffee. The best coffee ever last week ( I waited a year for that coffee)
3. my iron (I love to iron...okay)
4. my city boys in a small Midwestern town
5. swim lessons, water, hot hot summer days
6. good tweezers (I'm Italian)
7. Mary's Blog
8. bing...again Italian
9. cute boots
10. confidence
11. being happy and silly about life
opps you said 10 didn't you?

a simple twist of faith

well, I said at least ten...thanks!

a simple twist of faith

Skype, yes....


I read this a couple days ago, but didn't respond right away. I've been thinking.

1. My relationship with a loving God who wants me to experience an abundant life.
2. My DH--my best friend, my love, the one I'll love for always.
3. Our three children--what joy they continue to give us.
4. My parents and siblings--I was raised in a love-filled home that gave me a great model for how I wanted my own home to be.
5. Our five grandchildren--A new kind of joy! They are delightful and it's true what they say about being a grandparent--all the good and none of the trials of parenting.
6. My friends. I have friends all over. From my childhood, from college, from those early married days, from the 20 or so places we've lived, and from Blog land. I enjoy getting to know and learning from my friends and am glad to count you among them.
7. Well written books--I love a good story and I love learning new things. I always have 4 or 5 books that I'm reading.
8. Travel. I love going new places and seeing new things. I especially enjoy natural wonders and think that National Parks are awesome. DH is my favorite travel companion.
9. Music. I don't have much artistic talent, but God gave me a voice and I love to sing. I always have music on. I like the choral/vocal music best--the classics, 60s songs, great church anthems, show tunes, folk music, and even country music. I also play the piano. I should be better than I am because I took lessons for 12 years, but I most enjoy playing for myself. I often play for an hour a day.
10. And, very surprising to me, after a lot of thought, I'd add exercise as #10. I now miss it when I don't get out and do something active every day. I most enjoy running or walking outdoors, by myself, maybe listening to music, but always thinking, praying, or noticing all the beauty of God's earth around me.

Thanks for asking--I enjoyed thinking about my answers.

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