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What a great Sunday. I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful DH who fully participated in raising our kids, too. If I was home with them all day, he would take on bath, story and bedtime. When we both worked all day, he did equal shares of housework so that we could both have time to spend with the children. He changed his share of dirty diapers, too. I'd say we're both blessed.


Sounds like a perfect day to me. When we all spend Sundays together I always hate Mondays. It feels very "empty" to me.


Love that! Brought back memories of our beach Sunday's. We used to end our trip by purchasing seafood at a local seafood shop and eating it when we got home.

Sunday's are our "family days." It's the day where we would all spend together, either fishing, kite flying, or whatever. I would do NO housework. In the winter we would come home from church, make a fire in the fireplace, and watch movies. I would cook a real good Sunday dinner, something special I would not cook during the week. If I had time I would make rolls and/or a special dessert.

marriem b

I agree with Nancy..

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