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I just have to say that you, Mary Rose, and our friendship was the best part of High School for me. I wouldn't have made it through without your love and support. You know what I mean. I also must add that we both went off to the Army together even though we were stationed in different places. I am so Blessed to have you as my best and life long friend. I love you!! Oh, and I miss the Orange Beattle! Those were some fun times! Math and History were my favorites and I ate plenty of salt bagels for lunch. I walked to school beginning in the 5th grade. Before that I rode the bus. I liked to walk, even in the rain!


This was fun to read. I find it really gives us all something to get to know better.
Also another Bloggy idea? A picture of this "range 1973 Super Beetle". :)

Also I'm so happy you had your Stephanie!!:)
(waves to Stephanie)

a simple twist of faith

Thanks Steph, I love you too, like a sister.


I loved learning all this about you! The Army, Fresno State, your orange VW, your mom, and those uniforms. Thanks for sharing.

Jodene Vasquez

What fun to read, Mare! Loved the orange Bug...and you turned me on to onions bagels with swiss cheese, mustard and mayo. I still love them. I used to get excited about buying socks before school started....the only thing we had a little control over, I mean, what, 4 colors to choose from? You and Steph had such an amazing relationship, and it was always a pleasure to see your joy bounce off each other! Hi Steph!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Joy, Jodene, you were always the one with the sunny disposition. Plus, you posh Monterey gals always added style to us Salinas farm girls!

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