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Your story reminded me of something I saw in Florence at the children's orphanage, l'Ospedale Degli Innocenti. It was founded in the 15th C. In that time too. many things caused parents to give up their babies. quoting here: "Children were sometimes abandoned in a basin which was located at the front portico. However, this basin was removed in 1660 and replaced by a wheel for secret refuge. There was a door with a special rotating horizontal wheel that brought the baby into the building without the parent being seen. This allowed people to leave their babies, anonymously, to be cared for by the orphanage. "
I like to think that these babies, and your precious little Lady Bug, were not abandoned, but rather put in the care of loving adults by mothers and fathers who couldn't face the social stigma or suffering that keeping a new baby would cause. Lady Bug's birth mother defied the law to ensure that she was found and cared for. Blessings on her and on Lady Bug and her forever family.


Your bedtime story brought a tear to my eye this evening...abandonment...a story of survival...Letting go of someone so precious only to give them an opportunity of life...

Kim D.

She is so adorable! How blessed you all are!
Love, Kim

a simple twist of faith

Well said, Tish. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

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