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I just love that photo. I remember it hanging in your house.
Love this post too!
Your girls have hit the jackpot with you and Rick!!!!
They sure will be proud when they grow up to say they are your daughters.
your friend,


Thank you for sharing your story.


My best friend adopted from China. Her daughter ended up being 2 months younger than mine. We both spent months and months praying for our girls...long before either of us knew who our girls were.

I'm so glad God put all of us together! I can't imagine life without N and E.


Love the story... You two make a GREAT parents!


Thank you for sharing this. We hope to adopt in the future, if God would direct us that way, and I love to read others' stories of adoption - how they had to trust God through the process.


I'm so interested to read this. Your reason is the best in the world. And your daughter, both of your daughters are as blessed as their parents to have found the right family.

Kim D.

Thanks for sharing! She is adorable!
Just in case you don't have enough adoption blogs to follow :) my friends' amazing story is here:

xoxo Kim

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