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Thanks for letting us in on your journey!

Sharon O

oh wow~ you will be so glad in the long run that you are home. I realize it is a transition. A hard one at times, but having a cuddly smiley little face give you a hug of love, or having a sleepy little one give you snuggles. It is priceless. No job outside the home is worth that. No amount of money can give that to you. I thought you were off the whole time so this IS an adjustment and then you have a blog to spend time with too.
Block out time nightly for you and your husband. Give it an hour after the girls go to bed. Also make sure you have phone calls in the day time or emails just between the two of you. Trade sitting with another mom once a month or even once a week, you watch their children, they watch yours. You get a night out as 'adults' and the children get to play with friends. I will be in prayer for you. This was a good decision and yes it is hard but the rewards are so many it is hard to write them down. Please take care.
(wish we were neighbors we could have tea and and chat or I could babysit and be a 'grandma' to those little cute ones)

Mary @ a simple twist of faith

Thank you Sharon, I appreciate your kind words and friendship.

Mary @ a simple twist of faith

Thanks Bridget!


Thank you so much for sharing with us. I enjoy reading your adventures and daily goings on.


I'm so glad you are blogging. I enjoy getting to know you and your girls through your posts. :)


Congrats on #100, Mary!

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