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Ahhh, yes. The Halloween thing. :)

When we were younger parents, we opted out for a few years because of all the hubbub about it. We were lost and confused and figured that since there's nothing particularly holy about running around the neighborhood for candy that we'd just not until we understood more about it. I wish we hadn't been caught up in all the mess. Now, even though there is still nothing particularly holy about it (nor unholy for that matter!), we trick or treat and put up a few fun decorations and remember what the word means.

If you ask a Jehovah's Witness (I think it's them) and a few others, Christmas is also just a pagan holiday that is "Christianized" and celebrating it is "evil." Really?? And so what if it's "true" that it was a pagan holiday once??? Why wouldn't Christians reclaim these days and make them their own? All days belong to God.

That cheesecake looks so yummy! Thanks for the recipe.


I have taken a stand on Halloween, but not for theological reasons. I told my kids I am tired of having to come up with costumes (6 of them), to drive them into town (we live in the country), so they can go to strangers doors and ask for candy, so they can come home and ask for, plead for, beg for, cry over, argue over, compare and constantly think about sugary treats. I would rather buy them each a bag of candy and be done with it. How's that for good parenting? Prayers you get relief and begin to feel better as we head into the weekend. (I'm visiting from Conversion Diary).


Prayers for Hormone Peace this week. :) Happy Halloween Weekend. I've never heard of Not celebrating Halloween until I moved off the island.

Sharon O

I personally do not observe Halloween for many reasons. I turn our front lights off and turn on praise music and keep the tv off because usually it is full of 'horrible' movies or whatever. I just don't like what the 'day' represents.


I like the comment about reclaiming it. It's fun to dress up and trick or treat or go to a great party. It's not evil if you have no evil intentions. Right? It means nothing more than what you make it out to mean, really. I don't see it as a holiday or as religious. I see it as a tradition in our culture that has evolved and will continue to evolve. So take control and make it want you want it to be for your family. If that means ignoring it altogether, that's okay too.

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