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Pray the Rosary when you are ready for bed. You should be relaxed and peaceful, so hopefully you can drift off...........


I'm a big fan of 40 Days for Life! The Bereits go to the same church we do; I know Margaret through our mom's Bible study group. I haven't had the privilege of praying with David at a 40 days For Life vigil or rally (yet), but we have served coffee and donuts together after Mass! :D They're a beautiful family and fantastic people.


Falling Asleep. :) This is where I excell! I really do, most nights it's pillow and gone! but there are some nights that since I've gotten a bit older and been sucking back too much diet soda that I will be up and down. The key is to tell yourself you are going to sleep. No TV, no books, nothing before bed. You climb in and you lay there, you focus on your breathing and you pretend you are on a cloud, and every breath moves your cloud like a rocking chair and next thing you know? you don't remember anything and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeds are in your head.


Hot bath or one decade of rosary works for me.
Like the crown on you. You would make a nice queen!

Mary @ a simple twist of faith

What a small world, Sharon! When you see the Bereits again, please let them know what an inspiration they are. I did not introduce myself to David to the rally, however I enjoyed listening to his powerful witness.


Isn't an awesome feeling when your child starts understanding how reading works? I'm sure she is proud of herself and you should be encouraged by a job well done on your part. I love having readers, but the struggle to teach reading wears me out sometimes.

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