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Could your husband come and teach my almost 6 year old how to ride a bike sans training wheels? Because I sure as hang can't do it! :-)

And...love love LOVE Blissdom. It is by far my favorite conference! But I won't be there in 2011 either(thanks to the tiny baby who will be making her debut around that time). So...let's both plan for Blissdom'12! See you there!


I've been to Blissdom every year since it started, but it gets more expensive every year and unless someone gives me free tickets, it is out of my budget too. You could just come to Nashville and hang out with me. :)


"our 13 year old refrigerator " Teens! it's always something... :)


So cool about the bike riding!!! I know it is scary about the adventure. There will be more to come.....I know you will on alert....Remember way back when? My daughter also decided to "go shopping" at the same age. By luck, I saw her walking down the street out the window when I was fresh from the shower. She had her purse (the one you gave her) and was on a mission. When I asked her where she was going, she just said in a "matter of fact" voice, "shopping of course". It was hilarious since she was completely serious! My mom caught my brother riding his pedal tractor down the street buck naked at 0500 in the morning when he was about 3. Kids are fun!!! I am glad yours have the same spunk of their Mother! Sorry about the frig though. Thirteen years is a long time though. Maybe the next one will last until your girls are off in college! Keep up the good work Mom!!

Mary @ a simple twist of faith

I can heard Little Miss Thing say "shopping of course". Please give her a big hug as well as her brother and sister. They are growing up so fast.

Beth @ To the Fullest

Was this your 100th post? Regardless, it's a good one! Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

Mary @ a simple twist of faith

Actually, I just wrote my 100th post tonight!

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