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I haven't seen Super Why, but it sounds like a great resource I should use with my step-son.

Sharon O

Wow you have it all figured out. Our son and his wife are home schooling Samuel our six year old grandson. He is doing well with it. He does other things to be social outside of the home and he is reading at a third grade level. I do believe in home schooling if the parents are healthy (emotionally) and able to deal with the all day long interactions. I think it is actually really good for the little kids... k- 3rd or 4th grade. Some point in time they need to get in a school type setting but not too early. wish you great success with this decision.

Kim D.

That sounds wonderful!! Makes me miss homeschooling (I totally do). I love that you are able to do everything in the morning.
Also, I love the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading!

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