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Sharon O

That is beautiful... God bless you both as you treasure your friendship... it is a gift you give each other not just on a birthday but every day. I hope you can spend time together soon.


While I have no contact with anyone from high school, I do have those treasures in my life. God is very good.

Happy birthday to your friend!


I love her too. :). Thank God I have one of those friends too. Absolutely priceless.


I had dinner with an old friend tonight...one with which I'd gotten out of contact and then tonight was just like old times again. I love when that happens. There's something special about those kinds of friends.

Happy birthday, friend!


I love you too!!! Thanks for being there for me over the years. You are the best!!


Friends are special. Happy Birthday to your friend, Stephanie!
I'm also lucky to have a friend like that. I know what you mean.


You are one of those friends people just love to be around.
People just love you!
Have a wonderful weekend!
your friend,


Happy Birthday to your friend! :)

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