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Hope you are feeling better soon,Mary!

Kim D.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too!
And WOW on Ladybug's reading progress--homeschooling must be much better than school bc JPD (although doing great, bless his heart) is nowhere near that level yet!
Hope you're feeling better soon!


Hi Mary! I think that is awesome that you have you mother-in-law's china AND that you are using it! What a blessing! I know that she would have wanted you to have it and use it! As for the sore throat, try to go get some Tea Tree oil and use it in a gargle/rinse. It will work wonders and quick! Hope you are feeling better soon!


Power steering fluid? They were trying to rip you off. You don't need to change that. You might have to add to it every year or so. Gimme a break! I am glad Rick said NO! I hope you feel better soon!


About the sore throat, do you remember that nice broth the Army would put out at night during field problems? I tried something similar here and it made my sore throat feel a lot better. It was really good. Try some chicken soup without all the heavy stuff in it, like some broth with some spices. I know you will know what to put into it to make it taste good! You are good in the kitchen! Take care!

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