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Sharon O

oh my... a definite mom's day. Your efforts will be blessed but oh I do remember those days of hoping for the best and the children not co-operating. You just have to be flexible as a mom of young ones and don't let the comments from other mom's bother you. This can be a teachable moment for you all when given in the right setting. I have days like this with the grand children and it still bothers me why they don't always do what you want or expect. Little people are challenging but also very rewarding.
Keep pressing forward and remember you are doing a good job!


LOL! Best laid plans...sometimes all you can do is try. You can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink and all that jazz. Just let it go. She's young. As a mom of much older kids, I know that days like that are unforgettable in the whole scheme of things. She probably won't even remember any of it. You can remind her when she is grown up and taking her little kinder to mass.


My kid started "singing" LOUDLY in a funeral today. And once I got him quiet, the little sucker started laughing! Then...we fumbled a sippy cup which hit every wooden surface between my hands and the floor.

I kinda sorta wanted to die a little. Luckily the funeral was for an old friend who really loved children and the pastor said, "I know B. must be smiling just listening to that little one partying in the back."

And even though that's so, so true...I still kinda sorta wanted to die a little.


Nope, you are the only one! JUST KIDDING! I have more days like that than I care to remember. It gets easier and better the older they get. Hang in there! You might be surprised by what they will remember tomorrow. You did right by taking them and that will not go unnoticed.


i have a lot of days like this... and i've been having them for 25 years and expect to continue to have them for 25 more. :) Okay, maybe only 15 more.

I'm glad you all went. Keep going. It's worth it. It really is. :)


LOL! My life story! Keep your sense of humor and remember they are only kids and are a bit self-centered. I have days like that, oh, about 7 days a week. Keep the faith and stay calm. We cannot control every situation. That is still a tough one for me, but I keep trying....


LOL Don't worry, those things happen with all kiddos. That's why they have special kid-friendly services so that children can learn what to expect and how to act--there's a necessary learning curve. We were at a niece's wedding when my then 3 year old granddaughter managed to switch the toggle to "on" on her singing stuffed animal. It was a solemn part of the service and many dirty looks were cast our way. My niece later commented that she guessed exactly what had happened and that it helped her relax and feel a lot less stressed.


I took an extra two with us to mass. All together I had four boys under 6. Am I nuts? YUP

Mary @ a simple twist of faith

you deserve a medal...


They were fine and we have all had those days I can remember taking my youngest to mass when it was just the boys in school and we had some times. You are doing great and doing what you are suppose to be doing

Mary @ a simple twist of faith

I love the pastor's comment! I think we may have felt the same today, thanks for sharing!


What a great mom to TAKE THEM to Mass! That's the great part of the day ~ i'm sure all the Saints were smiling down on your family!

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