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I love watching snow fall. I love that you and Rick watched the snow fall on Christmas night sipping Italian wine. It reminds me of the end of the movie A Christmas Story when the mom and dad are watching the snow come down. I watch that one every year. Can't let the boys see that one just yet.

Okay, so if you would send us some snow that would be great!
We need a little help here.
I live in the heartland for crying out loud. I need snow.

Happy New Year.
your friend,

Mary @ a simple twist of faith

Happy New Year, my friend!


I want this Christmas to hang on. We've been off all work and school for a week now and will for another week. YAY!


We, too were blessed by fresh snow on Christmas morning. What a beautiful way to spend Christmas! It sounds as if you had a blessed and relaxing day. Praying for a Happy New Year for you!

Kim D.

This is always my FAVORITE week of the year too--love the downtime while the kids play with all their new loot! Your photo of the cardinal in the snow is amazing. And you have inspired me to break out George Winston's December--but my good ole favorite Christmas tunes are always Nat King Cole's Christmas CD (classic!) and anything everything Amy Grant (great for singing really loud when I'm alone in the car!).
Happy New Year to you; best wishes for a 2011 that is full of blessings!
--Kim D.


That first picture is just gorgeous. We didn't get much snow down here, but we got just enough to slow us down and keep us home...which was a nice change.

Wishing you and yours a happy new year!


Happy New Year,Mary , Rick and girls!


I love the picture of the cardinal in the snow! I also now want to watch The Nutcracker-- I love being Catholic. Christmas isn't over yet, so I feel justified! :) Happy New Year's Eve, Mary!


What a beautiful snow picture. Happy New Year!


Ahh...we had snow on Boxing Day! But sharing the holiday with the falling snow....amazing!

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