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This is a GREAT post, Mary. As a child, it was so affirming to me to know that my parents loved each other and that, even when they fought, they would never divorce or leave us. It's amazing how the little moments my parents share are incredibly comforting and teach us kids so much.

p.s. since you are homeschooling, especially since your girls are still young, I have a few more book suggestions:
-The Trivium by Sr. Miriam Joseph (this book cannot be more highly recommended, by me or by many of my former teachers)
-The Life of the Mind by Fr. James Schall (bonus suggestion: A Student's Guide to Liberal Learning, also by Schall)
-The Idea of a University by John Henry Newman

-The Art of the Commonplace by Wendell Berry
-The Duty of Delight: The Diaries of Dorothy Day (edited by Robert Ellsberg)


Nice!! This time of year, maybe you can make some Gluhwein. You can have it warm when he comes home. It will also make the house smell warm and cozy!


Great example! Thanks for sharing.


It can not be said better. Love your pic of two glasses too.

domestic extraordinaire

My husband and I go to our room when he gets home (after he's greeted the girls) and while he changes we chat and talk about our days. It has really helped deepen and strengthen our relationship and I highly recommend taking those few minutes out of the day to reconnect!

Sharon O

I like this. Your girls will value your time as 'daddy and mommy' and really understand in their hearts, you love each other as well as you love them. Great post.

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