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Kim D.

#3--another great one is "The Story of a Family" about the life of St. Therese's parents. It's amazing! My FIL gave it to me when I was a newlywed...no pressure, right?! :)

I would love to read Unplanned too and hope to get my hands on a copy.

Great summary of the difference between the Catholic and Protestant canons. Kind of interesting that Martin Luther chose a translation of the Old Testament that was developed AFTER Christ's life on earth, I always think!

Julie @ The Corner with a View

I've been meaning to comment- I love this post! especially since #6 is one of my favorite books, I just bought #4 and I've been meaning to read #3. In terms of the Bible, have you heard of Truth & Life's dramatized and unabridged readings of the NT? Approved by the Vatican and currently being listened to by me, I can safely say they are AMAZNING! And might be a good way to have the NT subtly listened; I listen to them in the car, and just love hearing the Good Word this way. I thought you might be interested in it too! :)

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