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Sharon O

wow that picture is awesome.
talk about balance.
Still working on my word for the year. Last year the word was grief and risk yes that is two words but in starting my blog we also had to go through grief of losing loved ones. It is was a risk to start a blog and be not sure what it would look like or how it would present itself. Not knowing if anyone really wanted to read anything that was written. God has blessed it.
Grief was near in the process of losing 'one through death' and two through misunderstanding and pain of relationships. I hope and pray that 2011 will be a better year for us all.


I am still in the "to do" list phase... those are great, Mary! One resolution is getting more organized. Since moving home, I've been a little half and half. Happy New Year!


Balance is an amazing word for the year. I've been toying with my word, but haven't been quite convinced yet. Prayers for balance for you!

Kim D.

Thanks for sharing these great thoughts! I love your word for 2011 and you have inspired me to try to think of one word too. And it's funny that you're ditching your to-do list; I think I'm at the stage where I need to resurrect mine! We just keep trying, right?


I'm a list-maker, too. But I found that after adding a few kids to my routine, my lists weren't getting done every day...and it left me frustrated and feeling overwhelmed. So I decided not to make lists at all! Well, that backfired because then I just floundered around doing a little of this and a little of that, just piddling my day away. I *think* I've finally found a happy medium. I make a list, but I'm only allowed to put 5 things on it (and no 1a. 1b. 1c. kind of cheating either!). It worked for me! (Although I must admit that sometimes "Take a shower" is one of my 5 things!)

And for the record, I think you already do a pretty stellar job balancing. Being a SAHM is not as easy as it sounds!

Mary @ a simple twist of faith

This year I am using my planner instead of the "TO DO" list. If I need to do something, I am scheduling it for a specific date and time IN PENCIL. Using the planner by home school helped me last semester, so I thought I would incorporate all tasks and activites on it this year.


It has been a really challenging year for me with being by myself for seven months with 4 kids, selling the house, finding a new one, moving and settling into a new place.
What a year! I still feel exhausted and I'm trying to find a balance in my new life. I put myself and my relationship with my husband last for this several months. Because of being tired I became very negative.
So this year I will try to find a balance in everything I do, I will try to focus more on me and my relation with God, my husband and my kids.
Thanks for this note ,Mary. You are always an answer to my struggles.
Wishing you a very good and balanced year!

Mary @ a simple twist of faith

Thank you, my friend.

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