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Have you read my post from today? :-)
Great minds...


Hi - Love the look of your new blog! I just wrote a post about my Word for 2011! I love the idea of BALANCE, which I strive for everyday also! Good luck!!


do you find the new blog format to be better than the last one you used? I'm thinking of changing, too.


Good for you. This cup of coffee looks great,Mary!

Michelle Guay

What a truly wonderful day and blessing for sure. PJ days a too far and inbetween Good for you Mary!!!


Miss Mack.....
you need more cream in that coffee girl
ha ha
I love that you had another cup. Relax! I love it. I'm working on that too. Relax.
your friend,

Kim D.

Sounds great! Balance can be so elusive, right? For me, letting go can turn into such a slippery slope. Also, I always think I want more downtime, but give me one day in my pjs until 10a.m. and I start going nuts. It's always great in theory, but hard to let go of being type A when you are, in fact, quite type A. But I think one more (hey--even two--take a walk on the wild side!) cup of coffee sounds just perfect!

Julie @ The Corner with a View

"The troubles of our proud and angry dust/ Are from eternity, and shall not fail./ Bear them we can, and if we can we must./ Shoulder the sky, my lad, and drink your ale." -- A.E. Housman

Or in your case, your coffee :) You've got it, Mary! Balance sometimes means adjusting the schedule... this week is Organize Julie's Life Week, so of course I have been too busy to even do that! Oh, the irony... but I am adjusting my timetables, so we'll see how next week flies by! Happy Thursday!

Sharon O

Good job. This is the year to relax and let go and realize we only have one day ahead of us and each day we can choose how productive it will be or how relational it will be. Memories are made by being together and having fun. take care

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