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Sounds like you had a great month. A little bit of planning can really make a big difference!


One of my goals for the pantry challenge was to utilize my leftovers. I found several ways to sneak them in so my family didn't notice. I threw away much less food this month, a real money saver.


I LOVE the planner idea. I do kinda the same thing with dinner... except the planner is in my head... and the menu is a Saturday to Friday list on my fridge. The Huz really likes that I post the menu on the fridge. He knows what to expect and if I'm otherwise engaged else where he can start cooking. If it's a recipe from a cookbook I write the page number to find it for easy reference.

I made bread all last spring and summer for our family. And then I found ONE type of ONE brand my little one can have and fell out of the groove. Great way to kick me in the butt and start again! I love following this lady's recipes: http://savoryseasonings.blogspot.com/search/label/Breads%3A%20Sandwich%20Bread. Our family favorite is the whole wheat molasses.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

The menu on the refrigerator is a great idea. Thank you also for the link to bread recipes, I am going to try some the recipes and share my results here.

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