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Way to go,Mary! Sunday is the day of rest for our family. We don't work and shop.
Have you ever tried Nicholas Sparks books/ Dear John,Walk to Remember and 14 others/. I love them. Have a great weekend.

Julie @ The Corner with a View

Oh, I want to know what you think of Mansfield Park!! When you're done. :)

Sharon O

oh if you want another book to read I recommend~ Ann Voskamps 'A Thousand Gifts'...I am reading it now. It is wonderful.

have a great weekend


The next time you drop your phone in the toilet, takeout apart and let it dry out completely and then put it back together. I washed my phone in the washing machine for an entire cycle. I found it when I was putting the clothes into the dryer. I took it apart and let it dry. For good measure, I put it in the oven on low for a little while. Low and behold! It works again. It is a super cheap phone that I have to buy minutes for, but it works. When the plastic on the sides broke off, my husband used some silicone to hold it in place. It looks hideous, but it works. Good luck. Cute song. My kids love that movie! Did you notice the castle??


I love relaxing on Sundays. This Sunday though, we're "relaxing" with friends for my youngest son's birthday. I'm doing all the prep in advance to I can actually RELAX and enjoy his friends and their families. :)




I love Jane Austen. :) I hope you enjoy Mansfield Park.

I've always gone the lazy way and bought my tomato plants (and all my garden plants) pre-started. However, the last few years, I have found a lot of volunteer plants in my garden and so had extra free tomatoes without the work. You make me want to find a place to start a few things from seed though. Either way though, I am looking forward to garden season.

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