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Cute post, Mary.
My favorite things:
>morning cappucino with Italian biscotti
>my very first, pocket Bible, I bought for myself when I was a teenager
>a wooden tenth of the Rosary that I like to carry with me
>glass of wine or Shanti-spell?/ soda with beer/
>Gap jeans that I live in everyday
>My Toyota Sienna Van that I drive my kids everywhere
>lately discovered novels by Nicholas Sparks
>happy music
>and last but not least Complete Balance-soy supplement for my hot flushes.LOL

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Your cappucino is the best!


Hmmm...let me see.

Looking at my kids.
Stopping to look at a crisp blue sky through the bare winter trees.
My morning coffee for sure.
Watching my dog roll and dive and play in the deep snow.
My daily dark chocolate.
Tea and cookies in the afternoon.
Lunch and shopping with a good friend.
Walks with my girlfriends.
A weekend B&B stay with my husband.
Working my garden and reaping the rewards.
The feel of the summer air in Michigan late at night.
Teaching my exercise class when it's half over.
Reading a really good book and having a great discussion about it.
Bun warmers in the car.
Forsythia, the first clear sign of Spring.
An outdoor summer lake side party with a live band.
Old jeans that fit well.
Comfy shoes.

I could go on and on. This was a nice way to start the day. Thinking of the positive on purpose made me happy! Thanks Mary!


rain drops on roses and wiskers on kittens
he he

Bozena's coffee for sure!!!!!


kissing the back of my boy's neck

finishing a long run

my diamonds

Christmas Eve mass with my boys

Van Morrison music and my classical music station

Mary's red pumps cause GIRL YOU DO STILL GOT IT!!!!!!!

Julie @ The Corner with a View

Here's the work day list:

--listening to A) the local classical music station, B) the local Christian music station or C) the Truth and Life dramatized New Testament in the morning on the 30 minute commute to and from work
--multiple cups of delicious tea throughout the day
--pandora during the day
--my issue of Magnificat
--wearing my Mom's fleece and my moccasins in my office
--fruit snacks at the end of an otherwise very "grown-up" lunch
--checking something off my to-do list
--the Wall Street Journal

So much goodness! Seriously, how great is our God?! Happy Wednesday, Mary :)

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Thanks for joining in the fun!


Okay, I thought about this last night and just loved reflecting on the little things...

- all of the different flavors of tea in my cabinet...I can always find just the right one
- snuggling in all of the blankets in the morning
- a clean kitchen at the end of the day
- buying great produce and other items from my farmers! :)
- my prescriptions sunglasses (totally changed my life!)
- always bringing my own lunch to work
- my neti pot (seriously amazing!)

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

A clean kitchen? Priceless!

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