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My time is *not* in the morning. At.all. My mother-in-law is here to help around the house with the new baby(like she has after each of our new babies came home), and I think she's surprised every time how little we talk in the mornings. All of our conversation is purely functional in the mornings.

Since I'm such a night owl, I love to wait until everyone is asleep to pray and have my quiet time.


I always make tea before heading out the door. Without it, the day just feels "off.' I also have some quiet time while making my lunch to wake up a bit before turning on the news to check the weather.

Julie @ The Corner with a View

I quoted Isaiah in MY post yesterday too! Great minds... Unfortunately, I do not have a favorite morning ritual. That would imply I do the same thing every morning, and I certainly do not. It depends on how much sleep I got the night before. I love going to Mass in the morning, but can't always swing that, so I suppose my favorite ritual is getting to work on time! :D

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

I am NOT really a morning person either, however I have learned I do much better if I have some quiet time before my girls get up. We are slow in the mornings, and do not start home school until 9:00 am.

Sharon O

I am not a morning person either but I am finding the quiet of the morning refreshing. A cup of coffee, with half and half, a good book or my bible, peace and calm to begin the day.
It is good to remember: Be still and Know that I am God.

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