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Toni Stevenson

I hate paper clutter. I have managed to put a shredding routine in place. I shred a couple times a week, but I have difficult getting rid of some old statements.

Sharon O

Good job. I still have paper issues too, some I have to keep in paper form and others I can do online. It is overwhelming at times. I just keep the fireplace close by and reminded myself to always open envelopes from the mail even if they look like junk. I almost burned my new debit card. oops~


Good job - the paper from school issue never ends. We don't homeschool, and I have two in high school, one in college - and still the paper generated from those three is ENDLESS!


I am the master paper clutterer...I *never* manage to clean up all the paper! You should see my poor car! (On the up side, I never have to search for something to write on or trash paper to put my gum. Ha!)

Mrs. Frisbie

Nice work! I'm such a procrastinator, so I'm inspired by your vigilance.

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