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When I was much younger I have to admit Easter wasn't my favorite time of the year. I would give up sweets or not listening to the music during this time and couldn't wait for the end of the Lent because of that.
As I grew older, I turned this time to reflect more on life and faith.
It became my tradition to watch "Passion" during the Holly Week.
I also tried something new with my kids.Because most of the time they were giving up something that didn't cost them much of sacrifice I encourage them to do one good thing a day to a chosen person.

BTW love the Jeremiah instructs you posted.

Michelle Guay

This is something I have been thinking of as well I think back to when Father Luke said to give up something or do start doing more acts of kindness and to not walk around like your starving and telling people that you are fasting as I was in daily mass this morning I was tring to think of ways for myself and my childern to not only keep this time of conversion and increase of faith but how to keep the fires burning all year round. Great post keep up the faith and great work.


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