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I love this story! It makes me proud to call you my friend.

Julie @ The Corner with a View

Thanks for posting this, Mary! I grew up with a Mom in medicine. She didn't work full-time, but she practically was, and is now. Her job is important to her. It's not that she didn't love us-- she does, A LOT-- but there is definitely a difference in growing up. My Mom is not a staying at home Mom, and I'm really proud of her for all her accomplishments. But if definitely makes me re-think what kind of Mom I want to be so, thanks again and not for the last time, for sharing your story. :)


Your sacrifise will pay off. It is paying already, Mary.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Thank you Pam,

It is amazing what happens when you stop, reflect, and do God's will.

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