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Julie @ The Corner With A View

I'm so glad you liked it so much!!! Also, you need to read your girls Ella Enchanted. Happy Friday, Mary!

Sharon O

I am so glad you enjoyed Ann's book. Yes it is heavy and not one you can just 'sit and casually read' it is in small increments that I am reading it, taking notes and thinking on her words. She is gifted and I believe has a message for us all.
Gratitude is a life change, a change of heart. Even in the hard places of life there is good to be found. Blessings to you~

John Flynn

I found your blog from Jen at Conversion Diary and just wanted to say that Gumbo looks awesome! I don't think there is any redemption necessary...

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Thanks John! The Gumbo was pretty good, at least my husband and I enjoyed it. The girls thought it was TOO spicy

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

One Tousand Gifts is definitely a book to reflect on and ponder, many of Ann's words I could really relate too, and felt they were written especially for me.

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