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You have a beautiful spring yard. It looks like great weather for a party.

Sharon O

How fun looking forward to the pictures of the little ones.

Julie @ The Corner With A View

Ahh that is amazing!!! I love Alice in Wonderland. :D


It looks great,Mary. Happy birthday to sweet Ladybug!


Everything looks great!!! I have been inspired by your projects too. I have been slowing going through things and getting rid of lots of stuff we do not need. It is amazing how much junk we have!! I have also been working on the yard and planting flowers. it is quite a challenge for me because I have a brown thumb, but I am learning. Have fun at the party! Happy Birthday Ladybug!!!


Love the theme and can't wait to see pics!

DK Stangeland

great job!!!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Thanks Steph! I am thinking about making an organizing project a weekly series here. Posting before and after pictures really holds me accountable. The key is to have small incremental projects, so it is not overwhelming and does interfer with home schooling.


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