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Sounds like Spring in your life to me! Have a great weekend.


I have definitely been feeling the "Spring Fever!" I'm so restless and just want to be outside!

Julie @ The Corner With A View

I am so glad you are reading Little House to the girls!!

Sharon O

We have had few 'spring days here' in Oregon. Yesterday was about 68 today might be the same with no rain. It has been a long dreary fall, winter and not yet spring, and we have no garden planted. It has been way too wet and cold. Enjoy your spring... it is nice.


My oldest LOVES the Little House series!

Pound cake.... mmmm... that sounds really great. Can't say I've made it in a few years so I can't think of the recipe I used. When you find a great one, I hope you'll share it with us!


We love the Little House books. It may be time for me to read them to my kids again.

I've never taken the kids to a strawberry patch, but we do have strawberries in our garden. This hasn't been a great year for them though, but I'm freezing up the few we get until I have enough for jam or something fun.

I don't know of a good preschool program. I work on teaching reading, maybe pick up a pre-K workbook and otherwise just read them stories and let them listen in on the big kid's lessons.


I love spring, too! But somehow Georgia has conveniently skipped over spring and run head-first into summer. :-(


I also read with great interest the "Little House" series. One was set in South Dakota and De Smet is not very far from where I lived. Time spent reading with a child is among the best ways to bond with them. I have a great mental picture of you and the girls curled up with you reading and them listening to your every word. Don't forget to read "Misty of Chicoteague" and Stormy to them. You can't beat those books for learning about the Eastern Shore and the wild ponies there. (and a trip to Chincoteague would be a fun field trip!)

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