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I have no fitness routine, but I desperately need one. I let 4 children be my excuse, but I know I shouldn't.


Walk in from work and chase my family around the house for a big hugg then pop my a flat tire and lay back in my recliner and drink and drink and drink till i float to the shower go to bed wake up and start all over.Naw-just kidding- I lift weights six times a week.Lost six pounds in 2 weeks-slow go but I am sticking in there no matter the pain-for my inspiration is that someone else endured more pain then i could ever endure and HE was nailed to the cross for me to live -Thank you ALMIGHTY JESUS

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

You are too funny Ronny, glad to hear you are back on track with exercise!

Kim D. in WI

Thanks for posting this--I need the inspiration! I am struggling to lose some weight right now, and sometimes I feel despair that it is impossible once you hit the mid-40s. :(

P.S. Also something we have in common...my dad died of cancer at age 43 also--my goodness it was weird when I turned 43 and then 44.


Good for you girl!
You look wonderful!


Good job Mary! You have given me a bit of inspiration.


way to go Mary. I wont run because the Concussion Factor would be too high. I've had 3 hernias so ab work scares me, so I walk. I try to walk nightly, but due to the Bear in the woods here, it's less. I also have a wiifit and Wiifitplus and try to log in 30 minutes a day of yoga and strength. some days are easier than others. Some days I just want to NAP!

Sharon O

I need motivation. Will get there I promise.

Headless Mom

I used to walk several times a week but there was something about this winter that made me lose my motivation. I have 10 lbs. to lose, so I really need to get moving!

Shanda Oakley

I am also a yoyo dieter with a weight problem. Having tried so many different methods, I think I also just need to consider my heath and my family as my motivation. thank you for this reminder.

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