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What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing.

Julie @ The Corner With A View

Wow, beautiful story Mary! I love the part about how deep down, you knew you were Catholic. I think a lot of us feel that way, even the non-catholics. They want to be part of the bigger part of Christendom, even when they go elsewhere. Thank you for sharing, and for participating. :)


God Bless you my friend. My Mary has a wonderful role model in you along with the Blessed Virgin Mary!


Your little Mary in Germany is very blessed to have you.
You rock Miss Mary Mack!
I love this post.


Thank you for sharing! Can you tell me more about the Landings Program? I've never heard of anything like that!!!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Landings has helped inactive Catholics return to their faith. For more information click here: http://www.paulist.org/landings/

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