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It has only been two weeks of Summer vacation and I'm already tired. Between driving to BBall camp,our new puppy,sleepovers,playdates,etc.
I need to find a time for reading.
Hope you have a relaxing Summer,Mary.


I just have to cut and paste here, because the person who wrote to you in #1, above, said it all:

"I am filled with gratitude towards all of the Moms and the gifts and talents they bring to the group. I am in awe of our Lord and how visible his presence seems to be in the workings of the group."

What a powerful experience it has been to study the Bible under your direction, Mary, in the company of these wonderful women. THANK YOU for using your gifts in this way! I will cut and paste again!... "The Holy Spirit has been a driving force in this group." ALLELUIA!


Ideas for grad? we didn't do any K grads here. Preschool grads are popular though. BBQ? burgersand hotdogs and cake with "Congrats" on it? a mini grad hat? :) I'll send it on FB for you. I found a link :)

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