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This wouldn't work for me. I haven't ever worked and it's cost us in security. We have none. I will need to work soon.


Way to go, Mary! You know I admire and support your decision.


I had no doubts that you would figure out how to do it. You are amazing and I am always trying to follow your lead on things. I have not worked since the kids came, but since the economy is bad and our situation will change in a few years, I have also tried to cut back. I stopped highlighting my hair and getting my nails done among other things. We do not eat out much anymore. I have a way to go before I can be as disciplined as you are but I am working on it. Thanks for your inspiration. I would give anything to live next door to you! Who knows? Maybe in a few years! We are in the planning stages now.

Sharon O

This is so awesome. I am also at home and it was amazing how much I didn't need to spend once I got used to it. I haven't worn half the clothes I used to wear when I worked at a pharmacy and our ability to live on what my husband makes has worked. Watching my nieces little one has helped in a pinch for extra funds such as hair cuts for me and if we want to go to a concert or two. That will be short lived when they have two children as I won't watch two, as a grandma of six I don't need the extra stress of daycare all day long. It is amazing how one can cut corners if you really want to, I am positive your family is much better with you home and the girls in a good routine. God Bless you as you make good choices.


The best parents are the ones figuring out a way to better their children's lives. And I'm glad not everyone believes that means buying more stuff. Cutting back can do wonders on a person's soul. Great post!

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