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I obviously have zero experience with chinese, but I'd lean towards the school. We live in a neighborhood that is half Chinese/half Jewish - I know, we are the token Catholic family, even more out of place with the big family - and every Saturday, they all carpool to Chinese school. I think it would be good for your daughters to be exposed to all the elements that come with Chinese school, as opposed to just the language part of Rosetta Stone.

I have heard that the library has Rosetta Stone, though...

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Thanks Carmen, I was thinking about that too. I wish the Chinese school was on a weekday after school. The commitment on a Saturday is a challenge.

Paula @Motherhood Outloud

LOVE Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. I seriously believe anyone can teach their kids to read using this book : )


We're big Well Trained Mind fans here too. Have you ever been on the WTM forum? Any question you've ever had can be helpfully answered. The parents over there know a lot.

The Saturday commitment would be a lot, but I suspect the knowledge gained from a Chinese school would be much greater than from Rosetta Stone. Chinese is such a hard language. My husband lived 10 years of his childhood in Taiwan (granted he went to American schools there) but still he has only a tiny grasp of Mandarin. Only a little speaking ability and almost no reading any more.

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