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I look forward to my quiet time beginning in Pa Tuesday morning...after a day of driving there on Monday...

May you find peace in your time of quiet...

Sharon O

I love quiet time, a time of refreshing and peace. My problem is deciding what to do when it is here before me, do I read or sleep or write or make lists of what to do? The little one who I watch four days a week usually takes a three hour nap every day so I have at least that much time to regroup. Of course at night when it is just my hubby and I there is not a problem with quiet except he likes the tv on. I usually go into another room if it is bothering me. OH and I love the fresh air through the windows. That is very refreshing.


If only mine would nap. :O I snuck myself into the bedroom one afternoon this week and left TJ in charge. ha! IT was quiet for 1 hour. It's so nice and peaceful.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

well, my quiet time ended up lasting about 15 minutes, but it sure was beautiful!

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