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Just this morning, I was brought to tears over just a little thing. I scrounged around yesterday for any spare cash I could find to buy fall clothes for the children at the consignment sale. (Our finances are unusually tight right now, as it is for so many.) I had $9 left over. And this morning when I went to take the kids to school, I had forgotten about needing to send money with them. Guess how much they needed? Nine dollars. Something so simple(a coincidence or not) just brought me to tears. As I pulled away from the school, I heard the sound of my grandmother in my mind: "God will provide." Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

*Praying for you in the decision-making process.*


Praying for your discernment. I can't believe it's another Friday.

Sharon O

Your little one will do fine with glasses my grandson Samuel has worn them for at least two years now and has progressed so well with them. One eye was not ok and they had to give him eye patches and extra little exercises with it. He has done wonderful they have some really cute childrens frames. It will be ok. Your insurance will probably pay for it, check into your husbands work plans.


Not to worry, Joe wore glasses when he was nine. We couldn't figure out what the problem was with reading. He loved to read but had trouble. He needed glasses! However, his first pair didn't last long. He "polished" them on the front porch while waiting for the Sunday School bus. It may be that the children's eye doctor can find something specific that can be fixed with exercises or such. Bumblebee won't need to worry about gettting glasses....
Love, Gram


And I meant to add that Mary was always a fixture in my Grandmother's home. I thought about that a lot (my grandmother's house and her statues of Mary) when I was at the Vatican. I said prayers there for you, Rick, and your little ones.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Thank you all for your prayers, my friends.


Mary if you're still looking for an eye Dr, we see Dr Dunn with Beach Eye Care. The kids love him so much that I see him too. Very kind and funny. Grace has been wearing glasses since 3rd grade and in 4th started wearing them all the time. I think she looks great in them and she does a really great job taking care of them. Not sure if you can shop the Exchange but they have the BEST prices ever. I could kick myself for all the years I've purchased glasses elsewhere!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Thanks Kristy for the information on the doctor and the Exchange. I may have an inside connection who can help us with that.

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