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Julie @ The Corner With A View

This is great, Mary! Tomorrow is the Bright Maidens' summer reading topic/ post-- you should share this one! I really like it! You always find such good reads which I know I will need one day!


This is such a spectacular suggestion!! I know I'm several years away from having a family, let alone a large one, but I suspect I will need the wisdom this book offers. I love that it provides suggestions for financial management because that is one of my biggest fears! Thanks, Mary!


Someone suggested the Outlander series to me (I can't remember who) and since I love historical fiction, I picked it up.... I didn't make it past the first few chapters. Already there were clothes ripping scenes. I think I actually just threw the book away!

Thanks for the other suggestion!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Financial fears were my biggest stumbling blocks to staying home with my daughters. We made quite a few budget cuts, but frankly, we still had to take it on faith and trust God will help us. One year later, we keep on trusting, and He keeps on providing for us.


i'm so excited I just bought lastnight the 7th Outlander book. I still haven't started the "extras". I could use a book on finances though. Lately? none.


Liesl, the outlander series? It's so much better better best than those parts of the book. Beleive me I thought the same thing at first but since I bought it on a friend's recommendation? I kept reading. Keep reading.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

I agree with you on the Outlander series, what are the "extras"?
I am amazed Mary Ostyn can feed her family of 12 on $800 a month. I struggle to keep my grocery budget under $500, and frankly, my little girls don't eat that much, say compared to three growing boys!


That's beautiful, Mary! I need to remember that trick: Trust in God. Novel idea!

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