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We love staycations! Always a treat when Daddy is home!

Julie Robison

I like that they are helping with their bunkbeds-- it will make it more fun for them, and they will appreciate them more. Have you seen Soul Surfer? My mom says it is really good (and PG)! It's an inspirational story about a young girl who surfs, loses her arm in a shark attack, and then overcomes the odds to keep surfing. Maybe when the girls are older...!

Sharon O

Sometimes it is the best to stay home do some day trips and just relax and do very little. That is what we did a few weeks ago and it was very relaxing.


All kids really want is our time. Enjoy!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Bridget and Wendy,

You are absolutely right, the girls loved their time with Daddy!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

It has been a very relaxing week. The girls seem to do better in similar surroundings, fortunately, we live on the coast.


staycations are wonderful ... at home, no fuss, no schedules, and simply enjoying one another's company.


How didI miss thsi post? What a fabulous looking Summer week.
BTW you wrote a post a while back (yes I'm creeping your archives) about your coming back to the church. Can you send me that link?

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith


I think you were on your summer break at the same time.

I am actually doing a witness talk at church, I may post here next week that talks about my return to the Church.

Join me @ A Simple Twist of Faith

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